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Stress in the workplace

Stress affects 1 person in 5 of your workforce.

On average, a person suffering from stress takes 24 days off. This is one of the highest source of sickness due to health complaints.Source:

Understanding and managing stress creates a happier, motivated and productive workforce.

We are a team of qualified Counsellors/Psychotherapists and work with a variety of techniques to understand and manage stress in workplace and in personal lives.

Take the test on the NHS Choices website. Click here or on the NHS logo below.

NHS Choices stress test

Healthier workplace
We believe in creating a healthier workforce. Stress is not an illness in itself but can lead to mental and physical health problems. There is little you can do to stop stress but there is a lot you can do to manage stress. Our training is designed to teach you techniques that will help you manage your stress levels.

Designed for Businesses and the Working Professional
We work with varying group sizes to address issues such as stress, time management and wellbeing issues. Our training uses a variety of interactive techniques to address issues such as workplace stress and work/life balance. We also conduct one to one sessions, as a part of our consultancy service, where we focus on individual needs.

We can deliver the workshops at your office or you are welcome to attend one of our public workshops.

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